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Ride E-sign-in

E-sign-in to RBC rides is basically the same as paper sign-in, but there is no pen or clipboard to touch, because you sign-in *JUST  BEFORE* the ride. We added E-sign-in to address proximity and contact issues due to COVID-19. It turns out to be convenient, too!

Below are screenshots of how it works. It is easy, but some confusion can arise between Meetup and E-sign-in.

The main thing to know is that clicking "Attend" for Meetup does *NOT* mean you are SIGNED-IN. You must proceed to the sign-in link within the Meetup ride description. You may have to click "Read more" and scroll down to see it.


Meetup "Attend" (RSVP) simply shows others you plan to go to the ride, and enables you to participate in pre-ride discussions. While we encourage Meetup users to click "Attend", you can still click the E-sign-in link if you don't (or are not a Meetup user).

"Sign-in" is filling out the form you are familiar with at the ride start. The sign-in form is the attendance list for the ride, and is also a Waiver of Release for insurance purposes. Filling out the sign-in form means that you accept the Waiver. If you do not sign in, you are not covered by club insurance. (Paid club members and first-time guests are covered.)

To E-sign-in, click the sign-in link and enter your email address, first name, last name and tick the Waiver box to accept the RBC waiver. You can also enter your expected ride miles. E-sign-in asks for your email first and offers to fill out first & last name if your email is recognized. You can either allow E-sign-in to fill them out, or simply enter them yourself (often easier).


Once you've entered your info and accepted the waiver, you will be asked to confirm. Be *SURE* to click "Confirm" to get to the FINAL confirmation screen (big green bar saying "Thank you for your registration!").


Once you reach the final confirmation screen, you're done! See you at the ride!

Questions? Email!

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