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RBC Family Ride

  • 21 May 2016
  • 11:00 AM
  • Brighton Town Park


  • If you plan to ride we would appreciate your RSVP for planning purposes.

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This is a ride for parents and their children.  If they are little put them in a bike seat or tow them in a trailer.  If they are a little bigger you can put them to good use with a tagalong or a tandem.  If they are already capable riders they can ride their own bike (just be sure they can cycle about 3 miles before they need a break – see route description below). If you don’t have kids (or they’ve all grown up and moved away) but you like the idea of riding with a bunch of them – feel free to join us!
We will meet at a park and discuss safety.  We will ride to a fun destination, seeing lots of cool things along the way.  At our turn-around point we will take a break and maybe have a snack while we get ready for the return ride.  When we get back to the park there will be ice cream and other goodies for everyone to enjoy!  There is even a playground if your kids still have some extra energy to burn…

Route: Brighton Town Park to Schoen Place and Back (Erie Canal Path)
We will meet at the Brighton Town Park also known simply as Brighton Park.  Try to park your car near the playground in the rear corner of the park so we are all in one area.  The official ride start is at 11:00.  Be sure to get there with plenty of time to unload your gear and have everyone ready to ride 10 minutes ahead of the start.  My helper Max and I will be there to assist you if needed.  At around 10:50 we will ‘huddle up’ and have a little safety talk and answer any questions. At 11:00 AM sharp we will roll out!
The route is very simple: there is a short 0.6 mile connector from the park to the Erie Canal Path.  Once on the Canal Path we will head East.  It is 3 miles from the start to the JCC and then 3 more miles to the rest/turnaround spot, Schoen Place.  So total miles biked will be 12 and we will be sticking together or pausing periodically to let everyone catch up!
Shorter Route Option
If you have kids who want to ride their own bikes but you are worried they might not be able to do 12 miles, you could do an 11:30 start at JCC instead which will be a 6 mile ride with the main group (we will ‘pick you up’ as we go by). 

Notes / Other Info

Weather – if it is misting or a slight sprinkle we will still ride.  If it is pouring rain we will have to reschedule.  If it is chilly be sure to dress accordingly, but dress in lightweight layers in case you start to overheat and want to shed a layer.

Helmets – Helmets are a must!  I’ll bring any spares I have in case somebody forgets.  If you don’t have one you can pick them up almost anywhere (local bike shops, Target, Walmart, etc), I even noticed the other day that Aldi has a great deal right now on helmets (both youth and adult).

Pump – I’ll have a floor pump at Brighton Park for anyone to use, but bring one if you have it so we have more than one. 

Let me know if you are coming and with how many so we can get a feel for the group size.  Also let me know which route you are interested in doing: BPB (Brighton Park-Pittsford-Brighton Park, 12 miles) or JPJ (JCC-Pittsford-JCC, 6 miles).  

Max and I are looking forward to seeing you out there!

Michael Bohn 585 309-3685  

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