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Adding Rides

If you would like to add a ride during a weekday, we need your numeric Meetup user id from your Meetup Settings page. Email that to and we will get you going.

When scheduling, keep in mind that *all* RBC rides are intended for capable and experienced riders of all speeds & styles who want to ride with others and experience our beautiful region. Anyone who can manage the terrains and distances (at *any* speed) are welcome. S&E rides are also open to all, but with additional support intended to help newer riders become more confident so they too can enjoy our regular rides.

Rides may be added on days and evenings when there is not already a calendar ride. This basically means weekdays and Monday & Friday evenings during our main season. Of course, any day out of season (ex: warm/dry day in winter) is OK, too! If you want to add special/unique rides (ex: trails, family, S&E) on weekends or other times during the season, contact us at to schedule.

Rides are added through our Schedule a Ride page. It is simple to use (and mobile-friendly!). Enter an RBC map#/name (name field searches after 4 chars) or a link to your route (RWGPS, Strava, etc.), choose the date/time, ensure the ride has a name (it becomes the Meetup event title), and add any notes. You'll then be taken to the Meetup entry (which you will "own") for any further editing (you can set a starting location there, if needed).

If you cancel the event, consider checking "Cancel AND delete it from the calendar?" so it does not linger on the calendar (else it remains as a strikethrough). You can also delete it from the Meetup calendar view (strikethrough or not).

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