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Bicycle Safety & Education


If you experience an incident on a club ride, please let us know so we can improve education and awareness. You can use the form below or contact any board member. Incidents are not limited to events that result in injury. They may also be close calls, traffic conflicts, unsafe actions or other situations.

Incident Report Form

Safety Tip Sheets

Ride Smart (League of American Bicyclists)   

1. Rules of the Road
2. Smart Cycling Tips
3. Cycling Education Videos   

Bike New York Virtual Bike Education Videos

Short videos covering bike handling basics and street riding skills.

Bicycling Street Smarts (by John S Allen)

This very informative booklet provides valuable information in the following areas:

  1. Off to a Good Start
  2. Where to Ride on the Road
  3. Riding Through Intersections
  4. Getting Across Non-standard Intersections
  5. Steer Out of Trouble
  6. Using Your Brakes
  7. Riding in Groups
  8. Riding in Rain and Darkness
  9. Ways to deal with Tough Situations
  10. Riding with Confidence

How not to get hit by cars  (Bicycle Safe)

    The site has a dated look but info is still relevant. 
Ten types of bicycle / auto collisions and how to avoid them

Bicycle Safety – 35 Tips to Stay Safe on the Road

An easy read with lots of good basic information.

Group Riding  (Florida Bicycle Association)

Good information on the following topics

  1. Basic Rules of Right-of-Way
  2. Stop Signs
  3. Red Lights
  4. Passing Queues of Traffic
  5. Lane Position
  6. Lane Changes
  7. Understanding the Roadway and Planning Ahead
  8. Route Planning Tips
  9. Group size
  10. Crashes and Other On-Road Problems

Bicycle Safety Education (International Bicycle Fund)

Tons of cycling safety information with many links to related resources

Bicycling in New York (NYS Dept of Transportation)
  1. On line version of NYS DOT Share the Road Booklet
  2. NYS Vehicle & Traffic Laws
  3. NYS Bicycle maps
  4. Commuting & Tourism Info
  5. Bicycling Safety Resources

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