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RBC Public Ride Calendars

Each ride on the calendar is categorized by the terrain. Categories are listed below in order of increasing difficulty.

When choosing a ride you should take into consideration the terrain, the distance, and your riding abilities.

 1 Flat - Flat
 5 Hilly - Hilly
 2 Roll - Rolling
 6 VH - Very Hilly
 3 Mod - Moderate
 7 XH - Exceptionally Hilly
 4 SmH - Small Hills
 8 Legs - Legs of Steel

Other Abbreviations used

S&E=Slow and Easy rides, avg speed 1012mph, leader rides in back
ADV=Adventure rides: MTB or fat tires required

For more information on RBC Ride types check out:  How to Enjoy RBC Rides

RBC Meetup Calendar

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  • The only calendar were Added Rides will appear.
  • Find ride dates, times, start  locations, distances and terrain.  Print the map and/or cue sheet.
  • RSVP for a ride, invite your friends to join you, ask questions, add comments or pictures.
  • There is also a Meetup phone app available for both iphone and Android.

Other calendar formats available only to members, can be found in the members area.
Members can download the RBC CD from the Members Area/Club Documents page.

RBC Special Ride Events

Susquehannock Lodge Weekend  June 2-4, 2017

This is a weekend of riding with like minded friends in Potter County, PA which is around 2 -3 hours south of Rochester. The rides are loops rides from the lodge anywhere from 30-75 miles with the terrain rolling to hilly. There are also several miles of dirt roads and trails for mountain bike exploring. We work on making sure no one rides alone if at all possible.

(More information) (Reservation Form)

Andrew Spiller Memorial Challenge Ride & Picnic

 July 22, 2017 Mendon Ponds Park, East Lodge 

2017 Slow & Easy Rides Brochure and Calendar

The S&E rides are flat to gentle slopes.  Most are less than 25 miles in length, but easily shortened.  New riders often start out on these rides.  To enjoy these rides, you should be able to ride for 2 hours at 10-12 mph.  S&E rides have a No Rider Left Behind policy. The ride leaders are committed to riding at the end of the pack with the slowest rider. Ride leaders will give tips on safety and technique and may assist with minor repairs.

RBC Google Calendar

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