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Slow down, be quiet and think. This just about sums up the Ride of Silence, except why we do this ride. On Wednesday, May 17 at 6:15, Rochester area cyclists will gather at the Penfield Highway Dept. lot (on Jackson Rd) for the national 13th annual and Rochester’s 8th event. 

A brief pre-ride ceremony will be held then we roll out onto the 9 mile route along with our escorts. About an hour later we return. The only sounds during our ride will be our bikes and our thoughts, remembering and honoring those who have been injured or killed while cycling.

Everyone is invited, from the racers to recreational riders and commuters to canal path coasters. The only requirements, besides a bike and helmet, are the ability to ride along at about 10 mph and the desire to quietly celebrate the fallen.

The national organization ‘s website, , has much more information. The inception of this event, stats, previous rides reports (yes, including Rochester’s), videos/photos and a donation ability. 

Please place this date and event on your calendar. Join over 10,000 other cyclists world wide and your friends locally. Take an evening away from the load and hectic lives we lead for an hour of quiet reflection.

All riders should read these guidelines prior to attending.

Follow the Ride of Silence Facebook page.

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