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Ride Leaders Info

Information for Ride Leaders

Ride Leaders Presentation

Everything you need to know about being a ride leader.

Ride Waiver (sign-up sheet / ride log) 

Leading a ride? You will need this! Be a hero and print out an extra copy of the Ride Waiver to stick in your glove compartment in case the ride leader doesn't show up.

Return completed Ride Waivers to:
          Brad Jensen
          62 S Estate Dr.
          Webster, NY 14580

Report an incident on a club ride 

Use this form to report incidents on club rides to the Board of Directors

Ride Leaders Brochure

A printable trifold guide about leading an RBC ride.

Ride Cancellation
RBC rides are only cancelled if there is a declared emergency by public authority (local/regional/state), the Air Quality Index exceeds 150, or weather conditions are decidedly unsafe.

Discuss options in the Meetup event when weather conditions are "iffy". This is especially important for a remote ride.

You are not obligated to drive to a remote ride (>1h drive) if no one has RSVP'd on Meetup. For local rides (<1h drive), please do your best to be at the start or ensure a substitute leader is there.

More info here: Ride Cancellation Policy.pdf

Ride Start Time Change
Now that most members are using Meetup, ride start time can be changed due to weather to salvage a club ride that would otherwise not be attended.

Such changes must be done with prominent advance notice (by ~6pm the night before) in consultation with the Rides Director (

If agreed, the Meetup event title and time will be edited to call attention to the change. Example:

    TIME CHANGE: Honeoye Falls-East Groveland

There will only be one start time (sign-in) for a ride. Those who prefer to start at a different time should arrange privately to avoid fragmentation and confusion with the club ride.

Supported Ride (SR) start times should not be changed, as this is the traditional expectation for these rides.

Need a substitute ride leader?

If unforeseen circumstances prevent you from leading your ride, you are expected to find an alternate. A responsible party MUST have riders sign the Ride Waiver and hold the pre-ride briefing. By committing to be ride leader you are ensuring someone leads the ride, even if it’s not you.

You can send an email to all of this year's ride leaders asking if anyone can sub for you.  Send to:

Other options include:

  • Post a comment on the RBC Meetup Event (Don’t just say you can’t make it! **ASK** for someone else to lead)
  • Ask others who do that type of ride
  • Ask a friend

Bikepacking Trips

There are special considerations when leading a bikepacking trip. Please review the RBC Bikepacking Trip Policy for more information.

RBC Business Cards

Business cards have been included in your ride leader packet. Use one as a reminder for your Ride Leaders talk.  Extras can be obtained from Kathy Riegel.

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