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Information for Ride Leaders

Ride Leader's Guide

What you need to know about leading an RBC ride.

2021 Ride Leaders Meeting Presentation

Everything you need to know about being a ride leader.

Reporting an incident on a club ride.

Ride Waiver (sign-up sheet / ride log)
Leading a ride? You will need this
     Return completed ride logs to:
          Brad Jensen
          62 S Estate Dr.
          Webster, NY 14580

     Be a hero and print out an extra copy of the ride log
     to stick in your glove compartment in case the ride
     leader doesn't show up.

RBC Business Cards Use one as a reminder for your Ride Leaders talk.  Can be obtained from Kathy Riegel.

Need a substitute ride leader?

If you can't lead a ride you signed up for, you need to find a substitute ride leader. 

Your best bet is to check with your riding friends.

You can send an email to all of this year's ride leaders asking if anyone can sub for you.  Send to:

You could also post a message on the Meet-up ride event, or on other forums (ex: Fast Friends).

Ride Cancellation Policy 
summarized here: Ride Cancellation Policy.pdf

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