Share the Road signs on CR 12, South Bristol

24 Nov 2015 12:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Introduction: this message from Ken Nawrocki.

Most of you know me from the Rochester cycling community.  I am also the SAG director for the Highlander Cycle Tour and have a wonderful working relationship with Town/County Highway departments in Ontario, Yates and Schuyler counties.  Many of them have my mobile number and a reach out this morning asked for some help.

I received a call this morning from the Ontario County Highway Department regarding the Share the Road signs which were placed on CR 12 (the high road to Naples from the junction of 64 and 21 heading south).  Neither the county nor any of the towns have placed the signs.  They are reaching out to determine who placed the signs, as they are a liability.  The signs will also be removed, TODAY to mitigate the potential liability.

Let me be clear, they have NO PROBLEM with the signs themselves and actually like to have them there as they contribute to safety and awareness.  The issue is that the signs are planted on steel t-posts which do not meet the state breakaway standards.  If a car hits one of these and the post goes through a windshield, you can imagine the consequences. There is a permitting process to place these signs.  Yes, there is a cost to purchase and properly erect the signs using the official process, but it will allow the message to stay out there.

This is a broad appeal to my known contacts in the Rochester bike "tribe" let folks know that the signs will be removed and we all can work within the system to have them legally and safely placed.  If you are aware of how these signs were placed, or can reach out to the broader cycling community, I would appreciate your reply.  I have the contact info to apply for proper permitting and can provide it to anyone who wishes to engage the process.

In a broader sense, anything we can do to to increase awareness of cyclists on the road through the power of our numbers can only make for a more friendly Share the Road environment.

Thanks for your attention!


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