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Using RideWithGPS (RWGPS)

Some of you have taken advantage of our RideWithGPS routes and navigation. That's great! But here are some things to note:

    - You *only* need an RWGPS account if you want smartphone turn-by-turn navigation
    - You only need a *free* RWGPS account, not a paid one
    - You *must* click this invite link to enable smartphone navigation

If you only need TCX/GPX files (for your Garmin), simply go to the route (from the Meetup entry or Club Routes listing), click EXPORT (upper-right), and then "TCX Course" or "GPX Track", as shown below (red circles):

One other "gotcha" happens to those of us who are unfamiliar with exercise tracking devices.

When you go to ride a particular route (map), you often find that you have not "ended" recording of a prior ride (even if it was days ago). If you see the PAUSED screen after choosing a route and saying "Ride This" ...

... you need to end recording (by deleting (trashcan) or saving (checkmark)), and then go back and say "Ride This" again for the new route:

We hope this gets you started with RWGPS! Let us know if we can help more at

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