Using Ride With GPS (RWGPS)

RBC RWGPS routes and navigation are limited to RBC members. This includes viewing the routes as well as downloading FIT/TCX/GPX files for GPS devices (ex: Garmin, Lezyne, Bryton, etc.).

To enable access, click this magic link to guide you through the process. It will prompt you to log in to (or create) your RWGPS account, and then enable your account to use RBC routes and navigation.

Note: You only need a *free* ("Starter") RWGPS account and *not* a paid ("Basic" or "Premium") account.

After you have access, RideWithGPS routes for our maps are available on RBC RWGPSSee "Smartphone Navigation" or "GPS File Download" below for more information.

We hope that this gets you started with RWGPS! Let us know if we can help (

Smartphone Navigation

When using smartphone navigation, it is best to download route(s) before going to the ride, so that navigation does not stop if you lose cellphone service (some of our rides go out of range!). Downloaded routes show up under Library > Offline on the RWGPS phone app:

There is a subtle "gotcha" with the RWGPS phone app that sometimes surprises those of us who don't regularly use exercise tracking devices. Namely, we forget to tell the device to "finish" recording of the current exercise session (ride, in our case). This can cause some confusion because the recording will include statistics accumulated over multiple rides, as well as keeping the phone's GPS system powered-up even when not riding, which can drain the battery.

To "finish" recording, you must pause the ride and save/delete it. Many folks will get in the habit of doing this at the end of each ride (saving uploads to RWGPS for tracking all of your rides). But if you don't, the phone app will remind you when you start it the next time with a prominent banner saying "Ride paused". Simply tap that and save/delete before selecting the new route you will be doing:

GPS File Download

If you only need GPS files (for your Garmin), simply go to the route (from the Meetup entry or Club Routes listing), click More > Export as File, and then "FIT Course", "TCX Course" or "GPX Track", as shown below (red circles):

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