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RBC Winter Media Show

  • 27 Feb 2021
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Via Zoom

Annual RBC Winter Media Show 

 It'Saturday February 27 at 7:00 PM

This year's show will be virtual* to enjoy in the comfort of your home.  There will be opportunities for Q & A and conversation. 

* We'll send out the Zoom instructions to members the day before. 

Presentations include:

Bike Touring - Brian Managan

How do people go bike touring? Let me count the ways! 

Road bikes, mountain bikes, tandems or recumbents.  Panniers, soft-packs, trailers or sagged. It doesn't matter what you ride, how or what you take with you. Follow your own dreams, set your own limits, or push beyond. Make a plan or just go with the wind!  

Brian shares examples of the kinds of tours he has done over a lifetime that cover the gamut of on and off-pavement tours, solo and group, self-supported, fully supported and everything in between. 

History of RBC - Todd Calvin

Did you know that the club has a library? It contains a 50+ year historical archive.

Todd will introduce you to what RBC was like from the start. What were riders interested in? What were folks looking to accomplish as part of its creation?  "It will not be as good as a Ken Burns film, but I am pretty sure you will find it interesting."

Corsica - Steve & Kathy Riegel

Where is Corsica? It’s in the Mediterranean Sea, above Sardinia, between France and Italy. Often regarded as Italian, it is in fact French.

The coastline views were stunning. Winding roads had a back drop of red or brown cliffs plunging into the sea. Once inland, it was both mountainous and desert-like at times. The scenery varied every day and within each day. The words that keep coming to mind to describe this place - "unimaginable grandeur."

Hope to see you at the show!

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