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How many bent riders are there

  • 18 Feb 2023 12:34 AM
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    I was wondering if there are any more tadpole/delta bent riders?

    In my limited time riding my tadpole, I have learned the hard way that Yes, I can tip over my bent. I have done it 3 times since I got my trike last May. I put on 727 miles on my bent last year, I exceed my 500 mile goal but I missed my 1,000 mile stretch goal do to some health issues over a total of 8 prime riding weeks.

    I was wondering if there is enough of us to start classes or discussions on some basics and some how to do things. I would be interested in disusing some of the unique issues that we have that our 2 wheel friends do not have. Like my trike is 7 feet long and 4 feet wide at my mirrors and 40 inches tall at the back of my seat. So transporting can be a issue, but also how traffic interacts with us on road rides.

    I would like to have conversations/discussions on how we can make our selves safer when road riding.

    Anybody else willing to join me?

  • 18 Mar 2023 6:14 PM
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    Bill, did I meet you on the river trail? Were you riding a nice e-bent? Green if I recall?

    Fred  ICE TNT silver/black. Human power only

  • 04 Apr 2023 5:13 PM
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    You where bent is orange and my last name is Green.

    Could you refresh me about the website you told me about bent riders please. I have a bad case of CRS (can't remember stuff) according to my wife.

    Tomorrow I will be riding north on  the Turning point trail then connecting with the Lake Ontario Parkway trail (then returning the same way) IF the weather man is correct. There should be a nice window to ride after the morning rains and the evening rains. 

  • 07 Apr 2023 5:52 PM
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    Bill, the recumbent site is BentRider Online,

    I may have met you on the Parkway trail last year, I was riding my V-Rex if that was you.  I also have a Baron low racer and ride diamond frames and a crank forward.

    Keep up the good progress.  See you on the trails and club rides. 


  • 30 Apr 2023 12:39 PM
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    Hi Bill, Dale,

    I have a few recumbents but no trikes. I mostly ride upwrongs lately but I like taking my V-Rex on the Erie Canal and long road/gravel rides, and my Bacchetta Ti-Aero for long fast road rides like the Tour de Cure Century. There are a fair amount of local recumbent rides, including trikes. Not sure the best way of organizing. Cell or text me 3 one fyive ate 7 nein won one two too.


  • 28 May 2023 11:47 AM
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    Bill and Dale,

    I will reach out to you in early June. I as a trike rider I have experienced and learned that we have different safety concerns than are 2 wheel brothers and sisters. I am just looking to do rides and exchange ideas on how others have dwelt with road riding and other safety issues. My cell number is five ate five five oh three sixty-six twenty-three

    Also as far as loading and unloading my trike my wife bought me telescoping wheel chair ramps and they have made my life easier now that I have a 2022 chrysler pacifica. May my little 07 Ranger rust in piece since the transmission went. But if you are having loading and unloading issues I would look on Amazon for telescoping wheel chair ramps. It has saved my back and simplified the whole unloading and loading process.

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