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Good locations for an FTP test?

  • 13 Sep 2023 7:15 AM
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    I’m just getting back into cycling after several years of the bike. I’d like to do an FTP test to see where my fitness is. 
    Can anyone recommend a good stretch of road, not too crowded, where I can warm up and then ride for 20 minutes without needing to stop, preferably with a light incline?

     Thank you in advance, looking forward to seeing some of you on a group ride someday!


  • 24 Nov 2023 11:13 AM
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    Try the Canalway Trail (formerly termed the Tow Path or Canal Trail) from Long Pond Road to Spencerport. ~5.5 mi. All off road.  No road crossings.  All stonedust.

    Alternatively on the eastside of Rochester from Main St., Fairport to Macedon Lock No. 30, ~8 mi. asphalt to stonedust. All off Road.

    Oh! I forgot the trailer park at Waynesport Road might slow you down. Main St. Fairport to Canal Drive West (western end of the trailer park on the Canalway Trail, ~4.4 miles within your time limit.  Stonedust surface, all off road.

  • 07 Feb 2024 8:35 PM
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    On the east side, Cline Rd RT onto Parnell then art onto Pumpkin Hook Rd to Palmyra Rd. The turns are easy. All asphalt. 

    or as Harvey suggests, a trail like Lehigh Valley would be plenty long and car free. 

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