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The RBC is an all volunteer organization.  The success of the club depends on its member volunteers.  Become active in your club and volunteer.  All RBC member volunteers get an invite to the Volunteer Dinner in the fall. Just click on Register if you think you would like to help out , provide your contact info, and the event coordinator will get back to you.

Volunteer Opportunities

    • 01 Nov 2018
    • Volunteer

    The position of Publicity Director is open. This  is a voting RBC board position.


    1. Maintains a list of all area bike shops and media.
    2. Arranges distribution of Club brochures to all area bike shops and restocks as needed.
    3. Contacts bike shops and prepares the annual membership discount sheet material.
    4. Represents the Club or arranges representation at selected promotional events.
    5. Periodically prepares and coordinates feature, news, or human interest stories for publication or arranges for other club members to do such, as appropriate.

    For more information you can contact Brad Jensen .

    • 01 Feb 2019
    • Volunteer

    The position of Awards coordinator is open. 


    1. Establishes an Awards Committee to select members to receive special awards.

    2. Develops a budget for awards and presents to the Board for approval before purchases.

    3. Purchases awards  and generates certificates.
    4. Presents awards at the annual Spring Banquet.

    For more information you can contact Brad Jensen .

    • 31 Dec 2019
    • Any RBC Ride

    Sometimes, someone can not lead the ride they signed up for and they need to find a substitute.   One way is to use the Substitute Ride Leaders List.

    Use this link to add your contact information and riding preferences to the Google Doc spreadsheet.

    • 31 Dec 2019
    • RBC membership Events

    A volunteer is needed to maintain the dinnerware supplies used for RBC membership events.

    The RBC supplies the dinnerware for many of the membership events, such as the Spring Awards Banquet, the Challenge Ride, and the November Elections Meeting. 

    Duties would include storing the supplies and bringing the appropriate supplies to each of the club events.

    Hey, I've been doing this for 10 years. Its time for someone else to step up.

    For more information you can contact Brad Jensen .

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